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1. Our Coaching Program

Fantasy Soccer Academy boasts of professional coaches who can handle the pressure of young kids.Coupled with many years of experience dealing with soccer development and life skills for young children,both our head coaches  Mohammed Hassan and Boniface Mutuku have managed to nurture our teams within the few months we have been in operation.


  • U5-U8: Help players acquire balance, coordination, physical awareness, and socialization skills along with a basic set of techniques and a love of soccer.
  • U9-U10: Build the foundations of soccer technique and team play while establishing good habits in the areas of learning, work ethic, deliberate practice, and group cooperation.
  • U11-U12: Intense focus on achieving technical proficiency across skill sets while introducing fundamental tactical themes and terminology.
  • U13-U14: Build game reading skills and tactical understanding while seeking an increased range of technical ability.
  • 15-U16: Cement tactical understanding and create team leaders while improving decision making and seeking consistency in execution of technique.

2. Soccer for Education

Soccer For Education Program,is a brainchild of Fantasy Soccer Academy which seeks to inspire less privillaged kids to join school through participation in soccer activities.The program is intended to benefit both school going kids and spread to the community by indulging in various projects,like donating books and building libraries that will eventually see many children benefit.

So far under this program Soccer for Education,we have identified kids who are also excelling in both soccer and academics.These children have managed to succesfully sit for their KCPE and have posted tremendous results which have earned them spots in Marada High School and Starehe Boys Center.

Our program in longterm is seeking partneship with international colleges and institutions around the world in order to place successfull students in colleges under soccer and athletic scholarships.

The program will enable these children to continue pursuing their dreams and eventually they will pass it on to the community back in Kenya.

4.Social Responsibility

FSA extends its hand to the community by participating in various activities other than playing soccer.We have identified various projects that will be undertaken by both our teams in order to benefit the community for example environmental cleanliness,planting of trees and maintenance of our playground etc.

With our able sponsors we are planning to expand this program in the near future so as to benefit the community around Kajiado County and eventually roll it out to other parts of Kenya.

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