Coaching & Soccer Camps

Fantasy Soccer Academy boasts of professional coaches who can handle the pressure of young kids both boys and girls.Coupled with many years of experience dealing with soccer development and life skills for young children,both our head and junior coaches have adopted a philosophy whereby 1 coach will manage at least 15 kids. Our Junior coaches are taken through coaching program within our academy by invited FKF certified instructors.This event takes palce at start of every training camp, and it is done within FKF rules and regulations.


Coaching Programs

  • U5-U8: Help players acquire balance, coordination, physical awareness, and socialization skills along with a basic set of techniques and a love of soccer.
  • U9-U10: Build the foundations of soccer technique and team play while establishing good habits in the areas of learning, work ethic, deliberate practice, and group cooperation.
  • U11-U12: Intense focus on achieving technical proficiency across skill sets while introducing fundamental tactical themes and terminology.
  • U13-U14: Build game reading skills and tactical understanding while seeking an increased range of technical ability.
  • 15-U16: Cement tactical understanding and create team leaders while improving decision making and seeking consistency in execution of technique

Holiday Camps

We normally conduct non-residential holiday camps when schools are closed.This happens thrice a week,on Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays btween 8:30an to 11:30am.On Saturdays we go for friendly matches or tournaments.

During our friendly matches parents are communicated to on time so that they can plan and also contribute to the transport and lunch kitty.

Soccer For Education

Soccer for Education Initiative is a program that seeks to inspire less privileged kids and youths to join school through participation in soccer activities. The program is intended to benefit our kids both who are attending and not attending school through; Counseling,Mentorship,Donation of School & Soccer Uniforms,Books,Reading Materials and Sanitary Towels for girls .Under this program we want to ease the child's burden and let them concentrate in school and soccer.

Our Goal,Our Endevor

Our goal is to make sure kids balance academics and soccer. During your child’s admission to FSA, it is mandatory to furnish us with your child’s School Report Card and Birth certificate. This data is then transferred to our monitoring and evaluation records and kept in our Database so that we keep track of your child and offer relevant, support, guidance and mentorship as they grow.

So far under this program Soccer for Education, we have identified kids who are also excelling in both disciplines. These children have managed to successfully sit for their KCPE and have posted tremendous results which have earned them spots in Maranda High School, Lenana School, Starehe Boys Center, Njiris High and many other top school in the country.

Our program in long-term is open for partnership with international colleges and institutions around the world in order to see successful students join college under soccer and athletic scholarships. The program will enable these children to continue pursuing their dreams and eventually they will pass it on to the community back in Kenya.


FSA T-Shirt Project

The project was officially launched on 30th of August 2018, by the President of The Giving Exchange Mr. Rod Mickels. The objective of this project is to offer sustainability to our day to day financial activities touching on soccer development and education. So far the program sells and brands, ready made and custom made T-shirts.It has also given birth to FSA Shop and Dimba Konnect an annual soccer tournament under the Friends of Fantasy tag whereby we fundraise during the tornament through mass sales of T-shirts to the participating teams and their friends.

So far the outcome of both FSA Shop and Dimba Konnect has been tremendous and we are gearing up for this year’s event and official launch of our online sports shop (FSA).

We also offer life skills through this program to volunteer youths and our coaches in order to cut down on production costs and have a revolving fund while supporting our programs.

Joining FSA

Download and fill the player registration form and submit it to our offices. You must also submit the birth certificate and your child’s academic credentials so that we monitor both your child’s school performance versus, soccer performance.
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Scholarship Application

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