Our bottom line is to provide young boys and girls from ages 7, a safe place to discover their potential in soccer and academics. More than 50% of our kids come from under privileged family backgrounds therefore staring at challenges prevailing in the world today mainly economic hardships. Currently this situation is affecting mostly children in our society and depriving them of their prime age.If not engaged early enough these kids are vulnereable and might choose to fill the missing pieces by associating with the wrong groups in the society therefore killing their future dreams by indulging in social vices.

Through FSA Soccer for Education Initiative we believe that SOCCER is a game changer to the society. Loved by many around the globe soccer cuts across culture, religion, political and social class, thus becoming a major unifying factor which can be positively used to influence children’s at a tender age to join school and develop talent.

So far we are working with kids from, Utumishi Sacco, GK Prison and Enkasity Primary Schools. This schools being public schools means there are a lot of gaps to be filled by our initiative, especially by making sure  that these young boys and girls fit into the current Kenyan education system while exploring their talents.

Food Donations to Less Privileged Families

As part of lifting up the community through our social responsibility  programs,Fantasy Soccer Academy came up with an initiative of helping needy families during this period of #COVID-19 Pandemic.Food Stuffs and other goodies was donated to affected families during the Labour Day celebration at the Utumishi Sacco Primary School grounds.

2019-2020 School Uniform Donation

Valencia Ndege,is among the 5,students who qualified and are performing exemplary well both in school and the soccer academy.This students were presented with full school uniform while others benefited from reading materials donated to the school.In the second phase of year 2020-2021 many more are set  to benefit through Fantasy Soccer for Education Initiative.


2019-2020 Book Donation & Mentorship Program

Utumishi Sacco Primary is sitting for their first ever KCPE National Exam this year 2020.As Fantasy Soccer Academy we wanted to contribute to their preparation in advance.We started last year by donating several reading materials for class 6,7 and 8 and we plan to support this group as they pursue their goals in education.We also donated Sanitary towels to the girls.

2019-2020 Certificate Awards & Recognition

Normally our kids are assessed based on academics,discipline and hardwork they put through out the year.While all our kids are awarded with certificates they are those who perform exemplary well in both disciplines and therefore we came up with various categories and indicators to allows us encourage and mentor this kids by awarding them based on merit.The ceremony is done during our end year Chrismas party where we eat and celebrate with the kids.

Utumishi Primary School Soccer Field upgrading

The upgrading of the soccer field is inline with our CSR,whereby we want to see the environment clean and beautifull so that our children can enjoy playing.We began planting grass in mid 2019,during the rainy season however during that period we did not succeed so much because the rainfall was not enough and 90% of the grass went dry.We have repeatedly tried anytime the rains come back and we have gradually succeeded during he Covid-19 Lockdow break also because of less interference by the pupils.We are so greatfull to Denali Waters who has been supplying us  with Kikuyu grass all the way from Kijabe.

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